Working in the education sector you understand how important  traceability, product accountability and industry compliance is when  putting together your purchasing plans for your food offerings and  cleaning supplies. 

 Organising all of this to make sure everything is up to the high  standard you must maintain takes up a lot of your busy schedule,  alongside negotiating pricing to make sure you achieve the financial  targets set out for you.

That’s where Regency can come in – we can save you money; but what we feel is even more important is the fact that we can save you time

Which means you can dedicate more of it to the things that matter to you, the things that led you into the educational sector to begin with.

Looking after children is stressful enough as it is – don’t let supplier and pricing problems add to that.

How Can We Help?

  • Regular Price Benchmarking; Ensuring your price is always the most competive.

  • Advice - We have a significant amount of experience within the sector - any questions just ask!

  • Sector Knowledge : Keep your menus in season, fresh and on trend.

  • Let us introduce you to the best suppliers in the business and stock your larders full of local quality produce.

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