Why choose us

Since we entered the food industry, a lot of things have changed.  What remains the same, however, is our customers’ demand for service,  fresh produce and attention to detail. We’re now proud to be able to  offer UK residents some of the freshest, best quality fruit and  vegetables on the market today.

Our produce reaches you faster and fresher than traditional  supermarket distribution models. Fresh fruit and vegetables not only  taste better, but are better for you and keep longer. All your produce  is delivered and kept cool to ensure your food remains in the best  possible condition.

Thanks to our strong relationship with growers, we can source quality  produce at exceptional prices. By passing these savings onto our  customers, we’re able to offer lower prices than our competitors.

Our Ranges

We supply juicy, fresh and extremely tasty fruit to all our  customers. We sell our fruit loose or prepacked and also manufacture our  fruit ourselves to make wonderful fruit salads. 

From Grapes to  Grapefruit, we can supply you with your favourite. 

Supply of tropical products, including bananas, and avocado is one of the cornerstones of our business. Our constant care for product safety allows us to meet the  different retailer requirements.

Just like the fruit, all our vegetables are available either loose or  prepacked. By sourcing locally and from across the UK, we offer our  clients an extraordinary range of vegetables of extreme high standards. 

We have relationships with the most accomplished international producers  and have unrivalled experience and expertise in supplying all major product lines.

Organic produce is becoming a fast growing category within the fresh  produce market since people are more conscious about their health and  dietary needs. 

We source from both growers and importers of organic  fresh produce, working across all produce sectors. We supply many  leading retailers with top quality organic fruit, vegetables and salads.

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