Whether you cook everything from scratch, rely on a base product or  stick to a menu involving pre-prepared products we can supply the  frozen, chilled and ambient products required – all delivered straight  to your door at a price that makes sense.

We work with a carefully selected and means tested range of  suppliers, comprising the best local and national specialists across the  UK.  We are perfectly placed to advise you on your purchasing and  deliver market leading pricing.  

With years of in-trade experience  running our own restaurants we can work alongside you to make sure your  food and drink offerings are exactly as you want them to be without  breaking the bank.

How Can We Help?

  • Regular Price Benchmarking; Ensuring your price is always the most competive.

  • Free Wine tasting and Menu Consultation.

  • Advice - As owners and operators of several restaurants, feel free to pick our brains!Access to GP Calculation tools.

  • Sector Knowledge : Keep your menus in season, fresh and on trend.

  • Let us introduce you to the best suppliers in the business and stock your larders full of local quality produce.

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