Why choose us


With our meat, you can taste the difference. We’re committed to supplying the highest possible quality meats by sourcing produce from  local farmers throughout the UK. Beef, lamb, pork, chicken and more,  we’ve got it covered. Our customer service is consistently helpful, fast  and reliable.


We have full control of our product from farm to plate, meaning we can  produce a consistently high quality product and are able to track all of  our products back to their original origin through the supply chain. 



Premium quality does not have to be expensive – we supply the finest meat, fish, poultry and more, at the cheapest available prices. We continuously monitor industry prices on a daily basis to ensure our  customers benefit from the best prices around.

Everything we supply is of the highest standard and delivered to our customers in the fastest time possible in our temperature-controlled vehicles.

Our Ranges

We supply a wide range of products to the catering industry. In  addition to our premium beef and lamb brand, Northern Gold, we also  supply a comprehensive range of poultry, pork, bacon and sausages, veal,  game, cooked and continental meats, beef and pates.

We also offer a range of fresh fish from Fleetwood Docks. In fact, if  there’s something we don’t supply, don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll source  it for you.

We can also add value to most of our meat products by adding different flavourings such as Barbecue and Chinese to pork ribs or  minted glaze to lamb chops. Marinating other meats such as steaks in  different flavoured oils is another way of adding value to your meat.

We are able to tailor our products to meet your needs. All of our 100% British fresh meat products can be traced back to their farms of origin, so that we can provide you, our customer, with the best quality  British meat at incredible prices.

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